Following Jesus

RUA Disciple is a community of people seeking to grow 
as followers of Jesus Christ.  

We focus on three areas of life:

1) Relationship with Jesus,

2) Understanding His word,

3) Action – living authentically.

If you seek to grow in your biblical understanding
and you want to pursue a closer walk with Jesus, prayerfully consider becoming a part of this community! Working through each of the Discipleship Journey Studies is a great place to start! Thankyou! – Pastor Scott 

Study Mon - Fri

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Knowing Jesus is the foundation of discipleship.
Learning how to nurture that relationship is critical to becoming mature in Christ.


Understanding God's word to learn who the Lord has revealed Himself to be and what His word teaches us to do is an essential step towards maturity in Christ.


Actions reflect belief. If we say we love Jesus, we are called to demonstrate our love for Him by doing what He commands. Living the truth matures us in Christ.