Him we proclaim … that we may present everyone mature in Christ – Colossians 1:28

R U A Disciple

Growing to Maturity in Christ

Serving as pastor of one congregation for over twenty years, I’ve prayed with a lot of people.  Many have asked Jesus for forgiveness.  Many have asked Him to lead their lives.  It sure seemed like they received Jesus into their hearts.  

Out of the many that prayed, however, only a few people actually continued on to become mature followers of Jesus.

For the many, once they believed they were going to heaven, they got busy doing other things.  Choices were made.  The old friends called.  The ruts of old routines were deep.  Soon that great beginning of walking with Christ was buried in an avalanche of other obligations and higher priorities.

Why does this happen?  Perhaps there was a commitment to Christ without a true counting of the cost.  Once the true demands of discipleship were discovered, the narrow way was too narrow.  They walked away from Jesus just like those in John 6:66.  The commitment made to Jesus was never sincere and total.

Another possibility for why people don’t mature in Christ is a lack of knowledge, support and godly example.  Church leadership often encourages the sinner to pray the prayer of salvation.  It is not as common, however, for church leadership to spend the time and effort necessary to support believers as they develop into mature disciples.  

Sure, some may not have sincerely made a commitment to Christ when they prayed.  RUA Disciple is dedicated to the others.  RUA Disciple strives to provide biblical truth in bite sized lessons delivered electronically.  We also strive to provide support, biblical instruction, and encouragment to any who follow Jesus.

 Jesus spent three years face-to-face with His disciples. That’s over 1,000 days of personal instruction from God Himself.  He was willing to walk with His disciples through the dirty mess of transformation.  Jesus constantly challenged his disciples to change their thoughts, attitudes, habits, and behaviors to reflect the truth.  Many of us in modern times never receive even a fraction of that kind of attention and support when we come to Christ. 

RUA Disciple is made up of a community of people dedicated to encouraging each other to grapple with the truth of scripture and pursue maturity in Christ – step by step and day by day.  We pursue relationship with Jesus.  We study to understand what God is saying in His word.  Together we strive to put our faith into action so that our behavior reflects our love for Jesus each and every day.

Our goal is to facilitate growth in Christ by emphasizing 3 areas of spiritual life: 

1) RELATIONSHIP (R) with Jesus – this is the foundation of discipleship.
2) UNDERSTANDING (U) His word – doing His will comes from knowing His will.
3) ACTION (A) – we refuse to be hearers only – we want to do what God wants.

Relationship, Understanding, Action (RUA) – these areas of focus are what this community is all about. The Lord wants to change our thoughts, attitudes, habits and behaviors to honor Him.  He will do it in our lives as we “train” ourselves for godliness (1Tim. 4:7).  Come along and join us.  God bless you!

— Pastor Scott Kalevik

Pastor Scott Kalevik

Scott graduated from seminary in 1995 and has served as the pastor of Living Hope Community Church since 1996. He lives with his wife, Peggy, in Aurora, CO. Every one of those grey hairs has been earned