Luke 1:1-4The Life Of JesusStudy
Luke 1:5-10Silence Broken!Study
Luke 1:11-17The Miracle Begins!Study
Luke 1:18-25Doubt & ConsequenceStudy
Luke 1:26-33The Virgin NotifiedStudy
Luke 1:31-33Who Is Jesus?Study
Luke 1:34-38Surrender?Study
Luke 1:38The PriceJust A Minute
Luke 1:38The PriceJust A Minute
Luke 1:39-45The Prophet LeapsStudy
Luke 1:46-55Mary's WorshipStudy
Luke 1:46-55Mary's WorshipStudy
Luke 1:46-56Mary, Mother of JesusStudy
Luke 1:56-66Obedience HonoredStudy
Luke 1:67-80Zechariah SpeaksStudy
Luke 2:1-7Jesus Is BornStudy
Luke 2:1-20Who Is He?Study
Luke 2:7Why This Birthday?Just A Minute
Luke 2:8-12Obscure and GloriousStudy
Luke 2:8-20Jesus Is BornStudy
Luke 2:11The Master In The MangerStudy
Luke 2:11The Message Of The MangerStudy
Luke 2:13-20Angelic PraiseStudy
Luke 2:21-24Jesus PresentedStudy
Luke 2:22-38RewardedStudy
Luke 2:25-35Jesus DeclaredStudy
Luke 2:36-38Prophetess AnnaStudy
Luke 2:39-45The Missing YearsStudy
Luke 2:46-52Why the Incident?Study
Luke 3:1-3Preparing the WayStudy
Luke 3:1-3What Is Required?Study
Luke 3:4-6Prediction FulfilledStudy
Luke 3:7-9Confront the CultureStudy
Luke 3:10-14What Shall We Do?Study
Luke 3:15-20Winning by LosingStudy
Luke 3:21-22Baptizing JesusStudy
Luke 3:23-38The Bloodline of JesusStudy
Luke 4:1-4The Ultimate TestStudy
Luke 4:3-13Temptation of JesusStudy
Luke 4:3-13Temptation of Jesus 2Study
Luke 4:14-21It BeginsStudy
Luke 4:18-21Messiah's MissionStudy
Luke 4:22-30The Rejection BeginsStudy
Luke 4:31-37Come Out of HimStudy
Luke 4:38-41Explosion of MiraclesStudy
Luke 4:42-44I Must PreachStudy
Luke 5:1-11Training!Study
Luke 5:1-11Training DayStudy
Luke 5:12-16UntouchableStudy
Luke 5:12-16Cleansing The LeperStudy
Luke 5:16Why Did Jesus Pray?Just A Minute
Luke 5:17-20The Greatest MiracleStudy
Luke 5:17-26Two ReactionsStudy
Luke 5:27-32Jesus Saves Who?Study
Luke 5:33-39Fasting and New Wine!Study
Luke 6:1-5Lord of the Sabbath!Study
Luke 6:6-11How To Hate GodStudy
Luke 6:6-11Calling the Twelve!Study
Luke 6:14-16Who Are These 12?Study
Luke 6:14-16The Twelve Pt 2Study
Luke 6:14-16The Twelve Pt 3Study
Luke 6:14-16The Twelve Pt 4Study
Luke 6:14-16The Twelve Pt 5Study
Luke 6:16What About Judas?Study
Luke 6:17-19God's Power DisplayedStudy
Luke 6:20-23How To Be BlessedStudy
Luke 6:23-26Woe, Woe, Woe, WoeStudy
Luke 6:27-31Love Your Enemies?Study
Luke 6:32-36Love Your Enemies - WHY?Study
Luke 6:35Love Your Enemy #2Study
Luke 6:37-38Judge Not? - REALLY?Study
Luke 6:39-42Specks and LogsStudy
Luke 6:43-45Known By Your FruitStudy
Luke 6:46What Is Expected?Just A Minute
Luke 6:46-49Are You Nervous?Study
Luke 6:46-49Who Will Survive?Study
Luke 7:1-10The Greatest Faith!Study
Luke 7:11-17Death Defeated!Study
Luke 7:18-23Now But Not Yet!Study
Luke 7:23-30Reacting To Jesus!Study
Luke 7:31-35The Road To Hell!Study
Luke 7:36-50Your Sins Are Forgiven!Study
Luke 8:1-3How Did He Do It?Study
Luke 8:2Mary MagdaleneStudy
Luke 8:4-8Which Are You?Study
Luke 8:9-154 Heart ConditionsStudy
Luke 8:16-18Are You Listening?Study
Luke 8:19-21Jesus' Family DefinedStudy
Luke 8:22-25Where Is Your Faith?Study
Luke 8:25Are You Overwhelmed?Just A Minute
Luke 8:26-30PossessionStudy
Luke 8:31-39Possessed No MoreStudy
Luke 8:40-48Faith In Action!Study
Luke 8:40-56Total DesperationStudy
Luke 8:49-56No Fear → Only FaithStudy
Luke 9:1-6Repurposed People!Study
Luke 9:7-9The Vital QuestionStudy
Luke 9:10-17Feeding 5k +Study
Luke 9:18-22WHO IS JESUS?Study
Luke 9:23-27Will You Pay The Price?Study
Luke 9:24Saving Or Losing?Just A Minute
Luke 9:26-31God's Glory DisplayedStudy
Luke 9:32-36They Saw His Glory!Study
Luke 9:43-45UP = DOWNStudy
Luke 9:37.43Deliverance By Faith!Study
Luke 9:46-48Pride Kills!Study
Luke 9:49-56Fire From Heaven?Study
Luke 9:57-62What Stops You?Study
Luke 10:1-4Reaching OthersStudy
Luke 10:5-12Consequence DefinedStudy
Luke 10:12-16Accept or Reject?Study
Luke 10:17-20Where Is Joy?Study
Luke 10:21-24Jesus Rejoices!Study
Luke 10:25-37Systemic RacismStudy
Luke 10:25-37Who Is My Neighbor?Study
Luke 10:38-421 Thing Is NecessaryStudy
Luke 11:1-4How To PrayStudy
Luke 11:5-13Do You Pester Him?Study
Luke 11:5-13Approaching God!Study
Luke 11:14-23So Totally Wrong!Study
Luke 11:24-28Confession or Conversion?Study
Luke 11:29-32Do You See The Sign?Study
Luke 11:33-36Can You See The Light?Study
Luke 11:37-44Woe To You!Study
Luke 11:45-49False Religion → Woes!Study
Luke 11:50-54Taking Away The KeyStudy
Luke 12:1-7Who Are You Afraid Of?Study
Luke 12:8-12True Religion!Study
Luke 12:8-12What Is The Unforgiveable Sin?Study
Luke 12:13-21What Is Your Highest Priority?Study
Luke 12:22-25No Anxiety!Study
Luke 12:25-31Why Worry?Study
Luke 12:32-34Free From Fear!Study
Luke 12:35-40Are You Ready?Study
Luke 12:41-48We Are Accountable!Study
Luke 12:49-53Love Him or Hate Him?Study
Luke 12:54-59Can You See It?Study
Luke 13:1-5Disasters → WHY?Study
Luke 13:6-9Mercy Has Limits?Study
Luke 13:10-17Healing & HypocrisyStudy
Luke 13:18-21Not Of This World!Study
Luke 13:22-30Strive To Enter!Study
Luke 13:31-35Why Trust God?Study
Luke 14:1-6Deadly Religion!Study
Luke 14:7-14Know Your Place?Study
Luke 14:15-24Invitation Revoked!Study
Luke 14:25-33What Does It Cost?Study
Luke 14:34-35No Saltiness?Study
Luke 15:1-7Are You Lost?Study
Luke 15:8-10Joy In Heaven → WHY?Study
Luke 15:11-24The Lost SonStudy
Luke 15:11-32Would You Run?Study
Luke 15:25-32The Lost BrotherStudy
Luke 16:1-13Can You Serve Two?Study
Luke 16:14-15False Religion #1Study
Luke 16:16-18False Religion #2Study
Luke 16:19-31Are You Ready?Study
Luke 16:19-31Death Changed EverythingStudy
Luke 16:19-31Going To Hell?Study
Luke 17:1-4How Should We Live?Study
Luke 17:5-10How, Lord, How?Study
Luke 17:11-19Only One Returns!Study
Luke 17:20-21You Can't See It!Study
Luke 17:22-37He's Coming Back #1Study
Luke 17:22-37He's Coming Back #2Study
Luke 17:22-37He's Coming Back #3Study
Luke 18:1-8Never Give Up!Study
Luke 18:9-13Do Good People Go To Heaven?Study
Luke 18:9-14Are You Going?Study
Luke 18:9-14Who Gets Forgiven?Study
Luke 18:15-17Like A Child!Study
Luke 18:18-241 Hot Prospect!Study
Luke 18:24-30Who Can Be Saved?Study
Luke 18:24-30Was He Surprised?Study
Luke 18:35-43Will You Cry Out?Study
Luke 19:1-10Are You Lost?Study
Luke 19:1-10Saving The Worst!Study
Luke 19:11-27The Great Correction!Study
Luke 19:28-40The King Enters!Study
Luke 19:41-44Continous Refusal!Study
Luke 19:45-48Focus On What?Study
Luke 20:1-8Who Do You Think You Are?Study
Luke 20:9-18The Price Of Rejection!Study
Luke 20:19-26Killing Jesus #1Study
Luke 20:27-40Killing Jesus #2Study
Luke 20:41-44The King ConfoundsStudy
Luke 20:45-47Confronting Error!Study
Luke 21:1-4Give It All?Study
Luke 21:5-9Destruction ComingStudy
Luke 21:10-19Signs Of The EndStudy
Luke 21:20-24Signs Of The End #2Study
Luke 21:25-28Reading The Signs?Study
Luke 21:29-33These Things = NOW!Study
Luke 21:34-38How To Prepare For Jesus' 2nd ComingStudy
Luke 22:1-7Who Killed Jesus?Study
Luke 22:7-13Executing The Plan!Study
Luke 22:14-16The Last PassoverStudy
Luke 22:14-20CommunionStudy
Luke 22:14-20CommunionStudy
Luke 22:17-20The First CommunionStudy
Luke 22:21-23Why The Betrayer?Study
Luke 22:24-30Who Is The Greatest?Study
Luke 22:31-34Satan DemandsStudy
Luke 22:35ContextStudy
Luke 22:35-38Preparing To DieStudy
Luke 22:39-43Deepest DistressStudy
Luke 22:47-53The Betrayer's KissStudy
Luke 22:54-62How To Fail JesusStudy
Luke 22:63-71Answering MockersStudy
Luke 23:1-7Leveraging PilateStudy
Luke 23:7-12Silent PowerStudy
Luke 23:13-25Verdict RenderedStudy
Luke 23:26-31On The WayStudy
Luke 23:32-43Between Two CriminalsStudy
Luke 23:44-49The Lamb Is SlainStudy
Luke 23:50-56The Burial Of JesusStudy
Luke 24:10Can You Believe A Woman?Just A Minute
Luke 24:1-12He Is Risen!Study
Luke 24:1-12He Is RisenStudy
Luke 24:13-27Jesus Explains ItStudy
Luke 24:28-35The Risen Christ TeachesStudy
Luke 24:36-43Living ProofStudy
Luke 24:44-49Opening Their MindsStudy
Luke 24:50-53Jesus AscendsStudy
Luke 24:50-53Jesus AscendsStudy