Matthew 1:1What Are Jesus' Credentials?Just A Minute
Matthew 1:20How Unique Is Jesus?Just A Minute
Matthew 1:21Why Did Jesus Come?Just A Minute
Matthew 1:1-17Christ's CredentialsDevotional
Matthew 1:18-25A King Is BornDevotional
Matthew 1:18-25God With UsDevotional
Matthew 2:6Follow The EvidenceJust A Minute
Matthew 2:11Who Is In the Crib?Just A Minute
Matthew 2:1-12Three Responses To ChristmasDevotional
Matthew 2:13-18Trouble & PurposeDevotional
Matthew 2:16-23Angel LedDevotional
Matthew 3:1-6John the BaptistDevotional
Matthew 3:7-10ConfrontationDevotional
Matthew 3:11-12Baptism - FireDevotional
Matthew 3:13-17Jesus BaptizedDevotional
Matthew 4:23How Does Jesus Train Us?Devotional
Matthew 4:18-22Where Do I Start?Devotional
Matthew 5:3#1 - Poor In SpiritDevotional
Matthew 5:3Poor In SpiritJust A Minute
Matthew 5:4#2 The Blessed MournDevotional
Matthew 5:4How Does Sadness Bring Comfort?Just A Minute
Matthew 5:5#3 Blessed Are The MeekDevotional
Matthew 5:5Is Meek Weak?Just A Minute
Matthew 5:6#4 Are You Hungry?Devotional
Matthew 5:6Are You Hungry?Just A Minute
Matthew 5:7#5 Showing MercyDevotional
Matthew 5:7Blessed Are The MercifulJust A Minute
Matthew 5:8#6 Pure In HeartDevotional
Matthew 5:8Blessed Are The PureJust A Minute
Matthew 5:9#7 Making PeaceDevotional
Matthew 5:9Are You A Peacemaker?Just A Minute
Matthew 5:10#8 PersecutedDevotional
Matthew 5:13Salt Of The EarthDevotional
Matthew 5:48Be PerfectDevotional
Matthew 5:1-31st Step to HappinessDevotional
Matthew 5:10-12Rejoice At Persecution?Just A Minute
Matthew 5:11-12#9 Persecuted 2.0Devotional
Matthew 5:14-16Light Of The WorldDevotional
Matthew 5:17-18Fulfilling The LawDevotional
Matthew 5:19-20Changing The Law?Devotional
Matthew 5:21-26Anger & MurderDevotional
Matthew 5:27-30SexDevotional
Matthew 5:31-32DivorceDevotional
Matthew 5:33-37Say It → Mean ItDevotional
Matthew 5:38-42Turn That CheekDevotional
Matthew 5:43-47Love Your EnemyDevotional
Matthew 6:5Praying For ShowJust A Minute
Matthew 6:6Get Into Your Closet!Just A Minute
Matthew 6:7How To Pray #2Devotional
Matthew 6:7Say It Over and Over - NOT!Just A Minute
Matthew 6:8How To Pray #3Devotional
Matthew 6:8He KnowsJust A Minute
Matthew 6:9Our FatherDevotional
Matthew 6:9How You Should PrayJust A Minute
Matthew 6:10His Kingdom - His WillDevotional
Matthew 6:10Our FatherJust A Minute
Matthew 6:11Daily BreadDevotional
Matthew 6:11What Do You Need From God?Just A Minute
Matthew 6:12Can You Forgive?Just A Minute
Matthew 6:13TemptationDevotional
Matthew 6:13How To Overcome TemptationDevotional
Matthew 6:13Deliver Us From EvilJust A Minute
Matthew 6:33Seek First His KingdomJust A Minute
Matthew 6:1-4What's Your MotiveDevotional
Matthew 6:5-6How To Pray #1Devotional
Matthew 6:12aForgivenessDevotional
Matthew 6:12bForgive OthersDevotional
Matthew 6:16-18Fasting - Why?Devotional
Matthew 6:19-21What About Money?Devotional
Matthew 6:22-24Give & UnderstandDevotional
Matthew 6:25-34Don't WorryDevotional
Matthew 6:25-34Stop Worrying!Sermon
Matthew 6:33-34Worry Free LifeDevotional
Matthew 6:9bIn HeavenDevotional
Matthew 6:9cHallowed - NameDevotional
Matthew 7:1Don't JudgeDevotional
Matthew 7:7A Blank Check?Just A Minute
Matthew 7:12The Golden RuleDevotional
Matthew 7:134 ContrastsDevotional
Matthew 7:21Not EveryoneJust A Minute
Matthew 7:24The RockDevotional
Matthew 7:1-6Judging OthersDevotional
Matthew 7:7-11Ask For ItDevotional
Matthew 7:13-14The Narrow GateDevotional
Matthew 7:15-20BewareDevotional
Matthew 7:21-23I Never Knew YouDevotional
Matthew 7:24-27Build On The RockDevotional
Matthew 7:28-29Who Are You?Devotional
Matthew 8:1-4Touching the UntouchableDevotional
Matthew 8:5-13Great FaithDevotional
Matthew 8:14-17MiraclesDevotional
Matthew 8:18-22How Much?Devotional
Matthew 8:23-27Are You Afraid?Devotional
Matthew 8:28-34PossessionDevotional
Matthew 8:28-34DeliveranceDevotional
Matthew 9:1-8ForgivenessDevotional
Matthew 9:9-13Calling SinnersDevotional
Matthew 9:13-17Good PeopleDevotional
Matthew 9:18-26Totally DesperateDevotional
Matthew 9:18-26Death DefeatedDevotional
Matthew 9:27-31Blind Eyes SeeDevotional
Matthew 9:32-34Responding To JesusDevotional
Matthew 9:35-10.4Like JesusDevotional
Matthew 9:35-38Why Should I?Devotional
Matthew 9:37-10.7Called OutDevotional
Matthew 10:38How Do I Follow Jesus?Devotional
Matthew 10:1-5The 12Devotional
Matthew 10:5-7Jesus → Do ThisDevotional
Matthew 10:8-15Training DayDevotional
Matthew 10:16-18PersecutionDevotional
Matthew 10:19-23Surviving PersecutionDevotional
Matthew 10:24-25Full DisclosureDevotional
Matthew 10:26-31No FearDevotional
Matthew 10:32-33The TestDevotional
Matthew 10:34-39Jesus DividesDevotional
Matthew 10:40-42Your RewardDevotional
Matthew 11:28Where Can We Rest?Just A Minute
Matthew 11:1-6Dealing With DoubtDevotional
Matthew 11:7-15What does it take to be greatDevotional
Matthew 11:16-24Will God Punish?Devotional
Matthew 11:25-26Deadly WisdomDevotional
Matthew 11:27-28Jesus Gives RestDevotional
Matthew 12:1-8Sabbath RestDevotional
Matthew 12:9-14Religion KillsDevotional
Matthew 12:14-21God's WayDevotional
Matthew 12:22-30Jesus → Yes or No!Devotional
Matthew 12:31-32The Unforgivable SinDevotional
Matthew 12:33-37What Did You Say?Devotional
Matthew 12:38-42Jesus MattersDevotional
Matthew 12:43-50Religion or RelationshipDevotional
Matthew 13:33Growing DoughDevotional
Matthew 13:1-9Responding to JesusDevotional
Matthew 13:10-17Not For EveryoneDevotional
Matthew 13:18-23Can You Hear This?Devotional
Matthew 13:24-30Real or Fake?Devotional
Matthew 13:31-32Are We Fools?Devotional
Matthew 13:34-35Secrets RevealedDevotional
Matthew 13:36-43Heaven or Hell?Devotional
Matthew 13:44-46Finding GodDevotional
Matthew 13:47-52Is Hell Real?Devotional
Matthew 13:53-58Stopping GodDevotional
Matthew 14:33Worship JesusDevotional
Matthew 14:33Disciples Worship JesusJust A Minute
Matthew 14:1-12Best Life Now?Devotional
Matthew 14:13-21Need & SupplyDevotional
Matthew 14:22-23The GasDevotional
Matthew 14:22-33Worship JesusDevotional
Matthew 14:34-36Covid & ChristDevotional
Matthew 14:When Trouble Comes: Lessons in how to CopeSermon
Matthew 15:1-9The Hypocrite's WayDevotional
Matthew 15:10-20Want To Be Clean?Devotional
Matthew 15:21-28Mega FaithDevotional
Matthew 15:29-31Miracles (taken down PK)Devotional
Matthew 15:32-39Feeding Again?Devotional
Matthew 16:16Jesus Is The ChristDevotional
Matthew 16:18The ChurchDevotional
Matthew 16:18Peter The RockDevotional
Matthew 16:18IndestructibleDevotional
Matthew 16:19AuthorityDevotional
Matthew 16:20Don't Tell?Devotional
Matthew 16:26Money, Money, MoneyJust A Minute
Matthew 16:1-4Why God LeavesDevotional
Matthew 16:5-12Cut The CordDevotional
Matthew 16:13-16Who Is Jesus?Devotional
Matthew 16:13-17The QuestionDevotional
Matthew 16:17-18Building The ChurchDevotional
Matthew 16:21-23Big MistakeDevotional
Matthew 16:21-24Messing Up The PlanDevotional
Matthew 16:24-26Will You Pay?Devotional
Matthew 16:27-28He's ComingDevotional
Matthew 17:1-8Can You Prove It?Devotional
Matthew 17:9-13Elijah and the EndDevotional
Matthew 17:14-21Failure & FaithDevotional
Matthew 17:22-27God & GovernmentDevotional
Matthew 18:35Why & How To ForgiveDevotional
Matthew 18:1-4How To Be GreatDevotional
Matthew 18:5-9Causing One To SinDevotional
Matthew 18:10-14The Value Of OneDevotional
Matthew 18:15-20Childlike DisciplineDevotional
Matthew 18:21-22ForgiveDevotional
Matthew 18:23-27ForgivenessDevotional
Matthew 18:28-35UnforgivenessDevotional
Matthew 19:1-6Divorce #1Devotional
Matthew 19:1-9Divorce #4Devotional
Matthew 19:7-9Divorce #2Devotional
Matthew 19:7-9Divorce #3Devotional
Matthew 19:13-15Like A ChildDevotional
Matthew 19:16-24Rich Man DeniedDevotional
Matthew 19:23-30Rich = ImpossibleDevotional
Matthew 20:28He Ransomed UsDevotional
Matthew 20:1-161st Will Be LastDevotional
Matthew 20:17-19Fulfilling The PlanDevotional
Matthew 20:20-28Want To Be Great?Devotional
Matthew 20:29-34Can You See?Devotional
Matthew 21:13House Of PrayerJust A Minute
Matthew 21:1-11Coronation!Devotional
Matthew 21:1-11Missing The ObviousSermon
Matthew 21:12-17Furious Jesus!Devotional
Matthew 21:18-22Fruitless CurseDevotional
Matthew 21:23-27Under AuthorityDevotional
Matthew 21:28-32Are You Changed?Devotional
Matthew 21:33-46Rejecting Jesus?Devotional
Matthew 22:1-14Which One Are You?Devotional
Matthew 22:15-22The Tax TrapDevotional
Matthew 22:23-33Marriage In Heaven?Devotional
Matthew 22:34-40He Commands ThisDevotional
Matthew 22:41-44Who Is Jesus?Devotional
Matthew 23:1-7Hypocrisy DefinedDevotional
Matthew 23:8-12Get Off The PedestalDevotional
Matthew 23:13-15Cursing the Clergy 1Devotional
Matthew 23:16-24Cursing the Clergy 2Devotional
Matthew 23:25-33Cursing the Clergy 3Devotional
Matthew 23:34-36Will God Punish?Devotional
Matthew 23:37-39Rejection = DesolationDevotional
Matthew 24:15The Abomination of DesolationDevotional
Matthew 24:1-4When Is The End?Devotional
Matthew 24:5-8Signs Of His ComingDevotional
Matthew 24:8-14Then The End ComesDevotional
Matthew 24:15-28Great TribulationDevotional
Matthew 24:29-31The 2nd ComingDevotional
Matthew 24:32-35Look For TheseDevotional
Matthew 24:36-42Who Knows When?Devotional
Matthew 24:43-51Are You Ready?Devotional
Matthew 25:1-13The Door ShutDevotional
Matthew 25:14-19Use It Or …Devotional
Matthew 25:19-30AccountabilityDevotional
Matthew 25:31-46Will God Judge?Devotional
Matthew 25:31-46The Great SeparationSermon
Matthew 25:35-46You Did It To MeDevotional
Matthew 26:1-5Plot vs PlanDevotional
Matthew 26:6-13Extravagant LoveDevotional
Matthew 26:14-16Betraying JesusDevotional
Matthew 26:17-25Passover IssuesDevotional
Matthew 26:20-30The Last SupperDevotional
Matthew 26:31-35Good IntensionsDevotional
Matthew 26:36-46Man of SorrowsDevotional
Matthew 26:47-56The Betrayer's KissDevotional
Matthew 26:57-68Sham TrialDevotional
Matthew 26:69-75Peter's DenialDevotional
Matthew 27:51Access Granted!Just A Minute
Matthew 27:1-10Suicide of JudasDevotional
Matthew 27:11-23Who Are You?Devotional
Matthew 27:24-44Drinking All Of ItDevotional
Matthew 27:45-54The CrossDevotional
Matthew 27:45-54The CrossDevotional
Matthew 27:54-61EyewitnessesDevotional
Matthew 27:62-66#Another PlotDevotional
Matthew 28:4Like Dead MenJust A Minute
Matthew 28:161 AbilityDevotional
Matthew 28:20Teach - ObeyDevotional
Matthew 28:1-10Can You Believe It?Devotional
Matthew 28:1-10Is Jesus Alive?Devotional
Matthew 28:1-10He's Alive - So What?Devotional
Matthew 28:11-15Lies Lies LiesDevotional
Matthew 28:16-20What is Our Calling?Devotional
Matthew 28:17-18He Wants You!Devotional
Matthew 29.19:19Make DisciplesDevotional